Bob Machado

Owner / Financial Planner
Registered Investment Advisor


In 2000-2001 a devastating financial setback nearly cost Bob Machado his home, due to some poor advice from a “financial advisor” and Vice-President at a large Broker/Dealer firm. This experience not only crystallized a need for Bob to understand his own financial situation, but also motivated him to acquire the tools to help other people avoid such a situation.

This experience also reinforced for Bob that as a Personal Financial Planner and owner of Compass Rose Financial Planning, his firm would only use a Fee-Only model of financial planning. Clients only pay for analyzing their specific financial situations, formulating and being educated about recommendations, and helping them implement changes. “I firmly believe that my clients should be an active participant, so that they understand why adjustments are implemented, based on my recommendations, not “Because Bob told me to.”

A Certified Financial Planner, Bob received his Master of Science degree in Financial Planning and his MBA in Management from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, and his bachelor’s degree from the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY. Upon leaving the military, Bob began his financial planning career while working at Intel Corp, and also worked for IDS Life Insurance Co., American Express Financial Advisors, and LPL Financial, prior to opening Compass Rose Financial Planning in 2007.

Bob is a member of and on the West Region Board of Directors, as Treasurer and Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, of the National Association of Personal Financial Planner (NAPFA). He is also a member of The Financial Planning Association (FPA) and former Treasurer of the Desert Business Association for over 5 years.